The Polittante

HD film
No sound

Text is overlaid onto a silent video of a printer spooling out two images – the first a sunset photograph taken by my mother and the second, an image of my studio wall. Both images show the same slanted horizon behind subtitles that describe a gap between the want to give form to a synchronised aesthetic experience and the disappointment of the resultant image. The text narrating the sunset photograph is superimposed across the image of my studio wall and vice versa. The end of the film culminates with the perfect alignment of the two horizons.


Outpost Open Film 2012; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; Grand Union, Birmingham; Shortwave Cinema, London Primary, Nottingham; The Minories, Colchester Film Festival, Fourth Wall Film Festival, Cardiff; Aid and Abet, Cambridge; Rhubaba, Edinburgh. Summer/ Autumn 2012

Film Script Dance Manual Walking Tour, ACC Galerie, Weimar. Spring 2012

Everything Must Go Flat, Das Esszimmer, Bonn. Summer 2012