Nietzsche Memorial Hall (phase 2)


Various Elements:

Reclaimed desk and chair

FM Broadcast and Radio Interview

Revised interview script

Selected reading texts

Phase 2 of the project shown at Halle 14 exhibited the original interview with Simone Bogner. In addition were the following:


The reclaimed desk from the Hall which Maurizio and Simone used as a work station. On the desk were a series of facsimile texts selected by Simone and the artist relating to the topic. An original interview conducted by Simone with amateur radio enthusiast/historian Christian Handwerck. The interview takes place in the building as Christian conducts a guided tour. The interview is broadcast on an FM radio band. On the wall is a series of amended interview transcriptions developed further from Phase 1.


On Dilettantism, Halle 14, Leipzig. Autumn 2012

Photography: Claus Bach



Installation shot


Installation Shot (right wall) Interview Project with Simone Bogner (DE / EN)

Reclaimed research desk and chairs Desk detail

Reading material Annotated


Revised and edited interview script by Simone Bogner In German