1972 (postscript)

Digitally Transferred Super 8 film
2’11 secs
Stereo sound
4:3 Ratio

The film acts as a postscript to a series of works produced whilst in residence at The Brunswick Centre. Marks, scratches and blemishes on the film strip translate the concrete damage and repairs performed across the megastructure since its construction half-a-century ago. The work draws attention to the shared material fidelity of architecture and its forms of visual documentation and representation. Non-sequitur yellow titles are sourced from 1972, the year the building was completed. Generated credits offer ways of thinking obliquely about socioeconomic, political, historical, cultural, technical and ecological influences inscribed onto modern architecture.


About Place – Sound Signatures, Jill Craigie Cinema, University of Plymouth. June 2023

Curated Shorts, Cornwall Film Festival, CMR Project Space, Redruth. November 2023