Left with the damp, we painted walls to match the clouds


Re-photographed archival image, 1994

Colour calibration card 1992

printed on Fujifilm DPII paper under UV-protected Glass

30 cm × 20 cm × 2 mm 

During the 1990s in defiance of the freeholder’s ongoing refusal to repair wear and damage at The Brunswick Centre, residents took it upon themselves to paint over the weathered concrete in various shades of white and cream. 


The colour card and archival photograph are sourced from the same period. The relative age of both photographs suggests possible colour fading and points to flaws inherent to documentation and preservation. The title of the work Left with the damp, we painted walls to match the clouds, riffs on architect Patrick Hodgkinson’s original dream for the residents of The Brunswick Centre to be ‘living in the clouds’.


Two Estates, Brunswick Centre, London. May 2022