Constructing Doubt (a lecture)


HD video

Stereo sound


‘Constructing Doubt (a lecture)’, synthesises two formats of found material. The first is a collection of instructional slides found at the artists’ university workplace. The instructional slides are no longer used as an educational tool, and had been in neglect for several years. The images selected were part of an unknown lecture series, focussing on shapes, forms and pattern. Many of the slides contained images of objects that had been fabricated specifically for the purpose of the presentation. The slides were re-ordered by the artist into pairs, highlighting formal cross-over transition points. The subtitled text was sourced from an academic paper exploring a prototypical method to translate textual and semantic information into a visual presentation. The complexity of the proposition acts as a counter point to the simplicity of the visual presentation. The overall narrative provides a reflexive account of attempting to thread these two found elements together into a cohesive format.


Instruction, Issue 14, Soanyway Magazine (eds) Derek Horton & Gertrude Gibbons, ISSN 2043-6408. Winter 2022


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