The Third Jumper


HD film | single channel | stereo sound | colour


Faced with the impending collapse of the People’s Democratic Republic, authorities began collecting and archiving objects in a secret storage facility somewhere in the southwest of the former United States. Since the end of the first cold war, the archive was largely forgotten and unknown. The building lay derelict for a number of years. We begin several decades into the future, after the earthquake. The rapid increase in fossil fuel consumption and the reliance on fracking for the extraction of raw materials results in further exploration of potential sites along the Newport-Inglewood fault line. Upon initial discovery of a mysterious unmarked building, a survey team designated ‘Margot’ is sent in to record the facility and its contents. During their investigations the team experience unusual manifestations of space and time.


Using tropes of science-fiction cinema, The Third Jumper delights in the uncertainties of film production. The author-narrator explores the construct and artifice of cinema; using props, camera angles and effects to see how these elements share an ambiguous ontology with archive material spanning the former East and current West.

Soundtrack (Creative Commons Licence)
‘Wind Sand Desert Ambient’ – Richard Kaulfers
‘An oil pump is squeaking’ – Felix Blume
‘Atonal Drone’ – Skjor1
‘buffs 7lo3 alien noise’ – ERH

Translation: Vovkaslovenyy
Voice: Nrubahin
Shot on location at Wende Museum and Archives and Inglewood Oil Fields, Los Angeles. With thanks to the Wende Museum, University for the Creative Arts and Royal College of Art.
Martin Anderson ‘In praise of the sci-fi corridor’
Thom Andersen LA Plays Itself
Geoff Dyer ‘Pilgrimage’
Frank Ruchala ‘Crude City’
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Robert Sumrell ‘Story of the Eye: Props’