Tiny Lag | Object

Stereo speakers – speaker cone, dark-stained plywood and audio-isolating foam platform.
Split-channel audio work

Looped 45 mins audio / 40cm x 40cm x 30cm (twice)


The exhibition title is taken from an essay of the same name by Mladen Dolar. In his essay The Tiny Lag, referencing Wittgenstein; Dolar examines the borders of language on experience. In this instance the border becomes a conceptual marker of limitation and permission. Using the unique configuration of Acme Project Space; George Charman and Adam Knight are showing a series of recent work that engages with the screen as a kind of border. The screen is used to divide the exhibition space through varying axes of installation, video, drawing, sound, writing and sculpture. The screen is deployed as a veil and a threshold allowing for successive works to re-configure relationships with the viewer. The occluded circle appears intermittently as a partial structure, activating an overlapping agency between works.


George Charman and Adam Knight followed YouTube instructional tutorials based upon the children’s puzzle game The Rubik’s Snake. Tutorials were often accompanied by users’ nonsensical verbal instructions. Both artists attempted to follow these tutorials exploring the disparity between description and action. The discordant pops, hisses and clicks are direct recordings of the altering Rubik’s Snake. The resulting asynchronous stereo soundtrack is played through constructed speakers that distill the modular geometric form of the Rubik’s Snake. The accompanying publication contained a transcript of the audio.


Tiny Lag


Installation shot: ‘Tiny Lag’, ACME Project Space, 2014