Mirror Tapping (Empathy Labourers)

iPhone Video
Binaural sound

Voice: DianaDew Asmr Hands: Cordelia Cembrowicz

ASMR videos (Autonomous sensory meridian response) seek to elicit feelings of physical ‘tingly’ sensations usually in the head, scalp or neck region of the body. They have become a recent online phenomena attracting as many producers as there are viewers, contributing to a community of ASMR lovers. Often videos centre around particular sounds, movements, speech patterns or tactile stimuli. These videos are usually produced using modest recording technologies, by a solitary performer. Due to the amateur imperfections of the recording set up, outside noises and interruptions are often common characteristics of the ASMR video. Often there is a complex relationship between technology, moving bodies, economy and action. It has become increasingly popular for performers to create tutorials based upon subscribers request. These requests are often made through payment via platforms such as PayPal.


A script was compiled from transcribing various ASMR videos that dealt with a generic and ambiguous dialogue. The dialogue assembled draws attention to the agency and construction of the ASMR tutorial. A notable ASMR performer DianaDew Asmr was commissioned to narrate the script and create the soundtrack for the video. The binaural recording technique makes use of stereo splitting to enhance the bodily perceptible element in the videos. The film was played and filmed from an iPad as a gesture towards completion of technology and screen as body. The pausing, swiping and pinching motion acts as a way of trying to maintain a connection with the original tutorial and to extend the mirror device further.


Direct Object/Direct Action, ACRE TV/Threewalls, Chicago. Summer 2015


Mirror Tapping