I Trusted You

4’01 Looped Karaoke Track

Single channel

Flatscreen monitor

Microphone, XLR cable, PA system

Mic and Speaker stand


Guitar: Hugo LaNauEstudi


In the late 1970s comedian Andy Kaufman, would perform the song I Trusted You’ accompanied by a live band. The lyrics ‘I Trusted You’ were repeated with increasing desperation and ferocity over a simple musical refrain. What begins as an ode to a lost lover, becomes a fraught plea to the audience who steadily lose faith in Andy Kaufman.


The musical score has been re-recorded as 2 guitar tracks and synchronised to an animated karaoke video. The microphone is left out in the gallery as an invitational gesture for the audience to accompany the looped track.


Das Esszimmer goes ID:I Galleri, Stockholm. Summer 2018